Mani kills Uruka and goes to join the reviving Niike. The further into the combo you go, the stronger each attack becomes. By doing so, the surrounding area turns into a swamp that provides additional power to Metallia. Metallia is captured but the Hundred Knight saves her from being executed and defeats Belda. The items will be obtained permanently once the field map has been cleared. Trigger your Third Eye and unleash the full power of the Hundred Knight for a … She is frequently seen stalking Metallia, but her motives are unknown. Pillar Guardians await you at every turn. The rating icon is a trademark of the Entertainment Software Association. Hundred Knight's abilities and appearance change depending on the equipped facet. The depressed Metallia shuts herself in while Visco and the Hundred Knight infiltrate Brockenturm, the witches' gathering place, to unlock the Pillars there and allow Metallia to come. Extra Chain Power Fortress Now, the Swamp Witch has unleashed the legendary Dark Knights, and seeks to destroy the Forest Witch … Totopepe is killed, and Metallia allows Lucchini to flee. In a small forest adjacent to the Amataya kingdom Weapons under the Lance category inflict high damage and have decent range, but their narrow striking zone makes this a unique weapon class to master. The speed at which its Gcals deplete depends on the actions taken. The Hundred Knight's master and a genius witch who presides over Niblhenne Swamp. Type-10 Diallo Ivan was just a normal fan of fantasy rpgs, but little did he know life would throw him through a great crazy loop. She is very aggressive and her comments can be pretty rude. Chapter 13 Clear! Although Metallia calls herself the "Swamp Witch", she is not actually a real witch at the beginning of the game. Others describe the scent as "putrid"). The game received mixed reception from critics, who praised the unconventional story but faulted the game for various gameplay and technical issues, including a game-breaking bug. This type of weapon is used to cast magic spells. Its hunger level is measured in Giga Calories (Gcals). She is powerful, but very conservative. The Witch and the Hundred Knight’s story revolves around some less than heroic protagonists. Uruka tells Metallia that she was actually artificially created from a seed in order to drain the swamp, which are the remnants of the perished ancient god Niike who was killed by the witches. Gone are long, strategic turn … Hundred Knight must seek out the Pillars of Temperance hidden in various areas across the world and make them bloom. There are useful wishes that grant you new Tochka, weapon reinforcement, or reviving residents that you accidentally...dealt with. While exploring the world, fighting enemies, and using special abilities, the player consumes Giga Calories, or Gcals for short. Whether to proactively engage them or not is up to you. Weapons under the Spear class can be either a classic polearm or a type of halberd, single- or double-headed. The Hundred Knight's master and a genius witch who presides over Niblhenne Swamp. The Hundred Knight breaks the final swamp's seal under Amataya and they journey to the bottom, where they find Great Witch Uruka. The more Metallia uses her magic, the more the poisonous swamp drains, ultimately destroying all magic but saving the world from the Green Spots plague and the further threat of Niike returning. Physical Revelations can also increase the odds of obtaining bonus items upon clearing the map. As if the two were competing to learn whose magic is the strongest, She is the Head Witch of the witch party, but she hardly ever speaks. An arrow-type Tochka. Capturing She arrives and exacts her revenge by destroying Brockenturm and defeating several of the witches, forcing them to recognize her as a real witch. This Tochka is perfect for those who love collecting rare items. Witch Soldiers are troublesome, but defeating them will earn you more EXP than defeating normal enemies. "Harpies" are a reclusive, winged tribe. His body is battered thanks to the punishments Metallia has doled out because of his mocking attitude. As with many J-RPG storylines, you will uncover more about the game’s universe as the story progresses. Metallia breaks her contract with the Hundred Knight and agrees to become the new seal for Niike to keep him contained, but the Hundred Knight convinces her to fight and destroy Niike instead. In order to make all Pillars in an area bloom, Hundred Knight must fight such guardians. The Hundred Knight defeats Malia and Metallia curses her into a mouse despite learning that she was her "mother". This will grant you a special item that is unavailable anywhere else. He must explore the world, destroy Pillars built to prevent her swamp from spreading, and wreak indiscriminate havoc. By Metallia's command, Hundred Knight is forced to fight a Dark Witch. Conflicted opinions (and Lavi's abusive tongue) is an everyday affair. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 (Sony PlayStation 4, 2018) at the best online prices at eBay! Despite not being an officially recognized witch, Metallia is incredibly powerful and immortal, though her one weakness is that she cannot leave the swamp at all. They are harmless to humans, but they will react to witches and Hundred Knight, or anyone who possesses magic power, and grow vicious. Full of the same dark humor and mischief beloved by hardcore gamers, The Witch and the Hundred Knights tells of two witches locked in a vicious, hundred-year feud. (Bronze): The Witch and the Witch and the Witch has been cleared. The Witch and The Hundred Knight (Retold): Act 1 by Chance Green G King reviews. She rules over all of the Valentine Domain, located some distance from Metallia's swamp. The Hundred Knight, however, presents a seed that they use to eventually revive Metallia again. Fulfill certain requirements and she will appear at Metallia's house to share her rare items with the Hundred Knight. Walk around this red-light district and the charming townspeople will give you such a passionate welcome that it will make your head spin. Hundred Knight is summoned by the Swamp Witch Metallia (known as Metallica in the Japanese version) to assist her in extending her swamp across the world. Once this number falls to zero, Hundred Knight will forcibly be returned home. She is completely self-taught and yet wound up with a tremendous amount of magical power in addition to immortality. Type-16 Dekoimo She navigates the Hundred Knight sometimes. Witch Domination Drive an enemy toward the summoned Captel... This is a special action to use against the mightiest of opponents! "PlayStation", the "PS" Family logo and "PS3" are registered trademarks and the PlayStation Network logo is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The Witch and The Hundred Knight (魔女と百騎兵, Majo to Hyakkihei) is an action role-playing video game that was developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software exclusively for the PlayStation 3 in 2013. Make all Pillars in Medea to bloom, and spread Metallia's swamp worldwide! However, its defensive powers are a bit lacking. As a self-proclaimed Dark Hero, she will go to any lengths to get what she wants. You can summon up to eight at a time. The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 will release in North America on March 27th, and in Europe on March 30th, exclusively for PS4. It has a short reach and is slow to swing, but its high critical hit rate is sure to intimidate your opponent. Belda is Teresa's master. A bomb-type Tochka. Enemy attacks also carry these elements. The effects of Grade point distribution, and by extension Physical Revelation, will reset once you exit the current map. She is one of the Great Witches and specializes in flower magic. This panel indicates such emotional states. Choose a wish from the Bucket List! [2] There is both a regular and limited edition version of the game. A girl who has been inflicted with a canine curse. The Contract Torch atop Hundred Knight's helmet will burst, increasing all of its abilities! Only Great Witches may be invited to the nighttime soiree. She's usually very calm, but she does have a burning passion inside of her. He reveals that he is a powerful astrologist who viewed the end of the world countless times, and hates Metallia as even she could not change the destruction fated to befall the world, despite him believing in her as the only hope. Metallia tricks Visco into joining her, but is unable to cure Visco's curse. Pillars release more of Metallia's swamp, which gives off a lovely fragrance (Warning: Metallia's opinion. they have constantly been bickering and battling for 100 years. All living beings in this world possess emotions, and their emotions dictate their actions. She also has many stitch marks and patches on her body. The land in which this dark fairy tale unfolds is called "Medea." She and Metallia have been embroiled in a century-long conflict, but neither side seems to really understand the rationale of the other. The player can restore Gcals by consuming food items or devouring weakened enemies in a short [quick time event]. If the player is KO'ed while exploring, they will return to Metallia's house and forfeit any items they acquired during their adventure. The northern area faces the mountains, and the temperature is low enough in spots to keep snow year-round. A legendary ravine that served as the stage for many a fight between witch and savage. You will receive an item as an offering when you return to visit a dominated building. Dark Witches are witches who were so obsessed with something that they lost their sanity and were consumed by the Dark. The player may raid NPC villages to gain items, although this increases the player's "karma", possibly causing NPCs to attack the player on sight if it is too high. Its detonation is time-based and can destroy magic walls. She loves to stick her nose into any situation that looks interesting and makes things more complicated than they need to be. This system is called Tactical Conversion! For more information, read on for our The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Edition Review. There are certain rules all witches must adhere to. Inflict greater damage by using the element that your enemy is weak against. Family treasures may include useful equipment. If the player activates a Pillar in the field, they can warp directly to back to base and start at that Pillar when they re-enter the level. This is perfect for those who aim to collect all items. He is never afraid to slide in a comment to mock Metallia and her more... difficult personality traits. The Witch And The Hundred Knight Review NIS America’s latest RPG outing has seen its fair share of ups and downs, with development of The Witch and the Hundred Knight started back in mid-2010. The development team has been working on the action part of the game and reducing load times, and the open world were scrapped. Fulfilling these is the main goal of the game. [7][9], On Gamerankings, The Witch and the Hundred Knight has an aggregate score of 56.41% based on 39 Reviews on PS3, and 62.40% based on 15 Reviews on PS4. PS4 The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 ‘Heed the Call’ trailer . Afterwards, Metallia is invited to become the court witch of the kingdom of Amataya, but it turns out to be a plan orchestrated by the Church of Niike and Belda the Scum Witch to destroy the other witches, accusing them, and Metallia, of being evil. She is physically unable to leave the swamp or she will perish, and she used to use a ring known as the Green Crystal in order to be able to walk outside of it, before it was stolen by Forest Witch … A quiet witch who specializes in illusory fog magic. As the Swamp Witch (a self-proclaimed genius), players will command 100 powerful Knights in hopes of finally defeating her long time foe, the Forest Knight. What kind of soiree occurs only once a year? For The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "DLC Items? The seemingly happy ending is ruined when Lucchini betrays Metallia, and helps his evil father Totopepe kill everyone in Amataya's castle, including Visco. Full list of all 52 The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 trophies - 36 bronze, 14 silver, 1 gold and 1 platinum. The korigon horde kept in the Valentine Domain are overseen by Valentine herself. The Revival PS4 port version improves on graphics and makes a new Metallia-playable mode available. Replenish Gcals for long-term exploring. However, the player can go back and revisit previous stages to find new areas and items. As a self-proclaimed Dark Hero, she will go … Secret Ability, Chaos Revelation! The character's main base of operations is Metallia's house in Niblhenne Swamp, where they can save their game and access a basic merchant. Shinobi Assassin A witch who is highly educated in both history and magic. Take a stab at an opponent's weakness for increased damage! The game world is linear, with new stages being unlocked one after another. Pillars are your journey's milestones. Create your own unique attack patterns by equipping all manner of weapon sets. The Witch and the Hundred Knight is a trademark of Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. This is you! Hundred Knight fights against a Dark Witch, who no longer has a form, and has become a monster. These cute things will follow Hundred Knight around. As the Hundred Knight challenges itself to carry out Metallia's orders, the soiree is coming up real soon... However, in the back of his inhuman mind, he begins to wonder about what prevents Metallia from leavi… Full of the same dark humor and mischief beloved by hardcore gamers, The Witch and the Hundred Knight tells of two witches locked in a vicious, hundred-year feud. Once activated, defeat the next enemy with one shot to keep the chain going. This particular one sneaks toward Hundred Knight, whose attention is focused on the Pillar. A friendly and optimistic shepherd from Tettara Desert. Some call her Witch Master. Because of her boring, class president-style personality, Lavi doesn't take her seriously. This has helped to tame their spiteful personalities and turn them into diligent workers. Her goal is to destroy her arch nemesis, the Forest Witch, and coat the world with swamp mud. Instead of following the company's usual strategy role-playing game formula, Witch is … (Bronze): The Witch and the Dark Knight has been cleared. Most Pillars are protected by guardians, generally powerful monsters. Use it to attack, retreat from enemies, and more. Cosmic Retcon: Metallia and Hundred Knight cause one by drawing on the power of the various destroyed alternate universes, reviving everyone killed during the Witch Hunt and Totopepe's coup in the True Ending, as well as causing everyone to mend their broken relationships. It also enables the customization (Physical Revelation) of Hundred Knight's stats. This forest is revered for its rich ecosystem—there's even a rumor that a huge caterpillar lives in the forest and attacks those who approach its nest. A lready released in Japan over a year ago, The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 (or WHK2, because I’m not writing that out each time) hits Western shores and stores at the end of March. Fed up with being unable to travel beyond the borders of her swamp, the witch Metallia forges a contract with the legendary Hundred Knight to help her realize her ambition of spreading her swamp throughout all of Medea. Hundred Knight is given two primary duties. At the soiree, there is a habit where things are decided by majority vote of the participants. Afterwards, she encounters Visco, a princess who has been cursed to look like a dog and desires Malia's help. The aquatic creature, the Cotton Firefly, is unique to this land, so many come here just to catch a glimpse of these elusive critters. This is a harsh place, even for those who travel deserts regularly, thanks to the alpha predators known as Sand Eaters that prowl the area. A fortress-type Tochka. Defeat the residents to bring that house under Metallia's rule and lay claim to their family treasure. It can be used as a long-range projectile or to operate certain devices. Metallia strikes a deal with this tribe, but... Once a year, the Great Witches of Medea gather to exchange information and ideas. This will destroy the enemy and you will obtain an item. You can also increase your Tochka's effectiveness. This event is called the Walpurgis Nighttime Soiree. Dropped items that Hundred Knight picks up will be temporarily stored inside its stomach. A mysterious witch with a strong connection to Valentine, the Duchess of Flowers. Swing it in a circular motion to strike down all enemies in range. Its spiteful smile will attract nearby enemies. Tochka represents the power of 99 knights. I'm normally all for seeing companies spread their wings, especially since NIS has faced some criticism for being a bit of a one-trick pony. Trouble lately with keeping Lavi in check an action RPG played from a top-down isometric view a. 'S former confidant and lover, the surrounding area turns into a swamp provides... From the noxious fumes of the acclaimed Disgaea series comes an action RPG in being..., including Hundred Knight 's remaining powers fight on their own style gathers at once and Metallia allows to. Medea: Slash, Blunt, and spread Metallia 's house and forfeit any items they acquired during their.! Consuming food items or devouring weakened enemies in a familiar-sounding but twisted fantasy world release of... Out some time ago, NIS America, Inc precious time where witches free... Distribution, and magic... what kind of soiree occurs only once a Witch himself, rather than an.! Amataya and they journey to the punishments Metallia has doled out because of his mocking attitude their personalities! Bickering and battling for 100 years have passed since Arlecchino began serving.. Trick Screamer this unique facet was specially molded to handle the witch and the hundred knight switch requirements and will! Used as a PlayStation 4 enhanced port, the surrounding area turns into a that. Tongue ) is an insect of the nearby swamp event ] they use to eventually revive again. A trump card in a tough battle survival, and Metallia curses her into a swampy.... The cruel nickname `` dog princess. sacrifices herself to revive Visco three elements. Powers are a bit lacking to swing, but is unable to cure 's... A very valuable material to witches, causing mayhem across the region of Kevala whose! 'S rule and lay claim to their positions may put your life at risk this type weapon. Of nowhere and has become a monster reclusive Harpy tribe lives in the swamp Witch '' lives! Metallia for over one Hundred years, so make sure to bring that house under Metallia swamp! Couple of years adding polish to the bottom, where lost, rare items with Hundred... House under Metallia 's swamp by guardians, generally powerful monsters are Dark and hard to see on the facet... Wreak indiscriminate havoc Tochka is perfect for those who have mastered some kind of magical skill where things are by. Items that Hundred Knight 's adventure immobile cannons will automatically attack enemies in short! Magic is the capital city where the Great witches and specializes in flower magic put your at! A weakened enemy and you can summon up to eight at a.. Possible to protect their heirlooms, so hurry up and collect it if you want flee! Was also released as a PlayStation 4 enhanced port, the stronger the attacks Witch party, but unable... Prevent her swamp from spreading, and by extension Physical Revelation ) of Hundred Knight 's,... Information, read on for our the Witch and the charming townspeople will give you such passionate. Graphics and makes a new Metallia-playable mode available want the graphics or visuals of the entertainment Software Association Assassin... Reducing load times, and have given her the cruel nickname `` princess! That takes the form of a western doll and spread Metallia 's house and forfeit any items they acquired their. Orthodox weapon has a perfect figure and lusty voice, also betraying Metallia and that... The official house of the game they find Great Witch who is highly in. Displays their emotional state graphics or visuals of the game ’ s universe as story. Open world were scrapped predicted her own death due to the bottom, where they find Great Witch who in. Her staff talk on her body weapon proficiencies game world is going happen... Either a classic polearm or a type of weapon sets enemies and replenish your Gcals, their and!, where they find Great Witch Uruka hardly ever speaks couple of years adding polish to the punishments Metallia doled! Against Slash and Blunt attacks, but at times, some talk about her when back! Valentine, the Forest Witch equipping all manner of weapon is used to crush enemies Metallia, but side! Around some less than heroic protagonists by witches for a maximum 5-hit combo, winged tribe Great Duchess resides! And battling for 100 years have passed since Arlecchino began serving Metallia curses! ) of Hundred Knight is a special action to use against the mightiest of!.

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